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Name:Mallory 'Mal' Corman
Birthdate:May 18, 1990
New Beginnings.

Mallory, or as she preferred to be called, Mal was brought up in quite the unconventional way in Oregon. Her mum walked out when she was five and her dad, didn’t know what to do when it came to bringing up a little girl. Suddenly her dad was always working or would come home after a few beers and go to bed. She thought she had done something wrong to make her mummy and daddy hate her, so she packed her little back pack and ran away. She got as far as the local park before she got tired, and rested on the swings, crying.
That was when she met Miles. He was about her age and he managed to make her smile and feel wanted. He spent a few hours with her before walking her back to her home and from that day on, there was barely a second they were not together. Unless she was sleeping and sometimes even then, she found herself at his place. They went to school together and shared practically every good and bad moment growing up.

By the time they reached high school, Mal had grown quite the crush for Miles, not that she would ever admit it. But when prom came around, and he asked her to it, she couldn’t help get excited. The night was going perfectly and they shared their first kiss. Mal decided then and there that she was going to tell him how she felt, but it seemed fate was not so kind. They were on their way home when the police stopped them. They informed her that her house had caught fire and that the fire fighters weren’t able to save it. It had been deliberately lit, and the arsonist had been arrested, the culprit turning out to be her dad.
By morning, social services stepped in and she was moved into a half way home before being shifted into a foster family. She was to stay there until she was of legal age. That first kiss was almost forgotten, pushed to the background. She didn’t get to see Miles as much but they stayed close.

Years went by, they graduated, she moved out on her own, completed a double degree in business and fashion design, and dreamed of opening her own little store with her own line of clothes. But life didn’t work the way she wanted. She started working two jobs to save for her dream, one at a bar and another at the local post office. Then tragedy hit, when Mile’s mum and step dad passed away within a couple of years of each other and Miles moved away to Phoenix.
Of course he visited her and she would visit him when she could. And when he was away, she missed him..a lot. After what felt like forever of living in Oregon, Miles convinced her to move to Phoenix. It didn’t take too much, but she was terrified. He’d helped her find an apartment above a small shop that was for lease as well, even managed to get a good two for one deal. So here she was, making a fresh start.

(Mun and muse over 21. I do not own Meghan Ory, just using her face for role-playing fun. Character is my own.)

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